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February 2015

Training as always is going great. There has been a lot happening for me in the last 6 weeks than usual. I finished my first assessment camp up at GB headquarters which went great. I feel like I have a really big opportunity to make it as a full time athlete. So from it being a positive camp they have asked me back for another assessment on the 6th March. Am looking forward to that because I feel each week am developing even more as a boxer and learning new things all the time.

Also apart from everything going on with training at GB, I have been training for my first senior fight that will be on the 5th March in Liverpool. It’s not a competition but a fight with a local Liverpool. I feel confident. I have the ability and the experience to beet this girl. She is a lot older than me but she is beatable and that’s what I plan on doing. I am looking forward to it. For all the friends and family that haven’t been able to watch me box they will get the chance come fight night. March 5th.

Not only do I have assessments and fights coming up. I have been on training days with the England team as a catch up kind of thing. Just to see how everyone’s training is going and have a training day with them. Every bit of training is always needed no matter what it all helps in the long term.

I look forward to keeping you all informed with the results on my assessments and my fight on March 5th.

love the champ x

October 2014

So the season has finally started. The hard runs in the rain begin. The diets starts. To get myself back on track.

In January I go from youth to senior so my training is getting harder. Am doing more strength work than I would normally. You can feel yourself getting stronger whilst punching the bag because am punching harder. There is still work to be done but everything is coming together.

I am very excited for this year of boxing it will make me more determined. I am also fitting in my studies in sixth form as that’s very important to me also. But the main thing is I am enjoying every moment and living my life to the full.

I would just like to say thank you to Sweeptech and all of the team for being my no. 1 sponsorship. You don’t realise that you help me so much to achieve the things in my training that not many people achieve. Thanks to you I have had the opportunity to have things I couldn’t of had before.

Love the champ x

July 2014

Another fantastic month is on the cards!!

From France and beating the French champion, now am on my travels to Italy in 3 weeks to represent England in the European Championships. This is such a fantastic opportunity again for me to be away doing what I do best.

My fight in France against the French champion was a really tough fight. Not only having 1 week to prepare for the fight she was a really tall and tough girl. She just kept coming forward all the time. Every time I went forward she was just smothering my work, so I had to stay on my back foot throughout the whole fight. In a good way this worked because I won, the only downfall to this was that it makes you tired because your moving around more. Also on the way to France I lost all of my luggage so I didn’t have anything all weekend. A few other girls from the team also lost theirs so I was a bit annoyed. But things like that happen when you go away, you just have to adapt to that straight away. Other than that it was a fantastic trip.

So onto my new journey and am going to Italy, so all the hard work and diet needs to be in place and get myself ready for another great experience away. I will go to training camp on the 4th to meet the team and fix things that will help us while we are out there. Nothing big needs to be changed just little adjustments. Just have to keep composed and calm while away.

I will keep you all updated with some results while am away, and some pictures my follow.

Speak soon followers.

May-June 2014

This month has been very up and down. I caught an infection in my face so had been off training for about a week. I have been trying to recover and get over my illness. The good news is that am back to normal now and am back on my feet training.

I have had a phone call from England boxing asking me to go over to France and box for England in a tournament against France. I hadn’t been training and I was very ill so knew that I had to get my fitness back up. I accepted the offer and I have a week to prepare. I fly out on Friday 6th June. So all week it’s all go go go!

It’s not a nice feeling knowing that you only have a week to prepare but that’s what you have to do sometimes and to prepare yourself for last minute things. It’s always a great pleasure going away to box for England am always up to the challenge.

See you all soon for next month’s updates and the results of the tournament!

April-May 2014

What a fantastic and exciting month it has been. Meeting new people and experiencing new things along the way.

So all the hard work and training had been done and now it was time to go to the World Youth Boxing Championships 2014. This was the best experience of my life and money couldn’t buy that type of experience and just to be there with GB boxing. It was a dream.

We arrived in Bulgaria on the Friday. Tired and feeling hungry from all of the traveling from London.  We knew that we had arrived and we knew we were there to do the business. So we approached our hotel and we could see all other countries from all over the world around us, it was an exciting feeling. Other boxers were looking and staring at you to try an suss out what weight you are or if you was in there category. It was funny because me and my team mate who boxes at another weight to me, we look the same weight because she is tall for her 51 kg category so the staring goes on longer.

Every time we had a meal we had to check our weight before and after to see how much we could eat before the meal and how much it put on after we eat the meal. We had to hold our weight for 2 weeks for the whole competition so we had to do this properly.

The boxing started on the following Monday. After the draw some of the boxers didn’t box until Saturday so they still had to train to keep there weight down and shake it out. I had to do the same because i wasn’t fighting until the Thursday so i had to also train to keep sharp and to keep my weight down.

Thursday came and it was my turn to get into the ring and to do the business. I had Croatia in the first draw. I hadn’t seen this girl anywhere to try and suss her out she just kept herself to herself. I was in the blue corner in the blue kit. I wouldn’t say i was nervous before my fight I was just really really excited. In the first round i got caught with a few shots i shouldn’t of, only because i just rushed my shots a bit. After the the first minute it was just all my fight.

Her head was knocking back everytime i caught her and i never stopped. I fought my heart out as i wanted to win so badly. I just kept punching and punching. I left everything in the ring. Even if you think you have won a fight, until your arms goes up you never know what the judges will give you. So i won. Was a very proud moment.

The next day i had Italy in the second round of the prelims, this isn’t even the medal stages yet, just shows how much you have to do. I knew this girl would be a tough fight to win so i had to be relaxed. Again i was in the blue corner. She ran at my like a bull, but i was expecting this as we looked at her last performance with the coaches in the morning before the fight. I just kept calm and tried to get around her as much as possible. The last two rounds i knew i was down and i knew i had to fight back and give it my all, so i did. I came out at the 3rd round like i syco. But it worked because she didn’t like my pressure, I just kept throwing. The results got announced, the Italian girl got it by split decisions, so it could of gone either way.

Even though I lost that fight i wasn’t disappointed because i knew i performed well enough. My coaches were proud and so was everyone else. Just shows I can box internationally. I had the best experience of my life and things like that just make you come back even stronger.

So I will rest for a week or so and then get back into things ready for next time!

March and April 2014

“I carry on my journey on the path to success this month. I have now been selected to represent Great Britain in the youth world championships on April 10th 2014. This is a massive achievement for me as i didn’t think things could move so fast, and they have. The event will be held in Bulgaria in the city of Sofia. The competition will be over a 2 week period, inviting countries from all over the world. Compared to any other world games, this year round are the qualifying event for the youth Olympic games in August this year. So this is so important to me.

My preparation for this competition has been intense. From long hours training through the week to making the most of what i can have in a short period of time. I have been focusing on the nutrition side to things a little more as its very important i get the best nutrition and goodness for my body. My training has gone through the roof! I have been training at least 2 times a day starting with a run of a morning and then training of an evening. Its also important that i get my rest as much as i train because without my body being in form, i couldn’t perform. This is for a shot at world number one so everything matters right now.

So I have a preparation camp on the 4th-6th of April. Here the whole team will meet each other and spend a weekend training together doing all different types of drills and sparing work. After the camp its only a matter of staying focused through the week and calm. Words couldn’t explain how excited i am to be going. I even have family and friends coming over to watch so its very exciting. If i achieve what i want to achieve at this competition then it would mean so much, hard work and dedication.

I hope you keep reading as I will send my results through when am away and keep reading for more exciting news”

February and March 2014

“It was a great start to the year having been picked to box for England as a youth boxer. They picked me to box at 60 kg, so I had to come down a weight class. This wasn’t a problem for me because once I had the weight under control I felt so sharp and fit. I had been training for 8 weeks up the the event and eating very clean and healthy. My body was in great condition. I was flying out on the 26th February from Heathrow airport. I had to meet all the coaches and the rest of the team there as everyone was coming from different places.

So we arrived in Germany, was a nice place with everyone there. We had to weigh in straight away so we could find out the draw of who we were boxing. In the first round I got the Hungarian boxer. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know what to expect at all from international boxing. When I was warming up I could feel the adrenalin pumping through my body. As I was getting into the ring I was thinking to myself ‘fast start, fast start’. I had to win. The rounds went on and as they went on I was finding my range of movement and catching her with lovely shots. In the end I got the decision and was really pleased. My coaches told me to warm down and stretch off ready for my semi-final fight agents the polish girl.

I was excited to have earned a bronze medal. The next morning I felt ready again and was in the right frame of mind. I just wanted to win that gold medal. As it was close to fight time I started to get in the frame of mind that am not to take no prisoners. I was warming up and feeling so sharp and ready to go. As I was walking to the ring for my semi final fight I wanted it more than ever. The referee came over to check my gloves and we waited for the bell. The rounds went on and I was catching her with every shot possible, I was moving lovely. The last bell went and I thought to myself ‘you have done it’. All 4 rounds easily won I thought, the girl looked tired and like she just been beaten. I was so happy with my performance, my coaches thought I had the decision, until the result was read in favour of her. She was shocked, I was shocked, felt so devastating. I knew I’d just beaten the world number one for 4 rounds. I didn’t feel disheartened by it as I knew I performed my best.

So I came home with bronze after my first international competition. Everyone was pleased with the way I performed. Now am looking on the world championships in April. On wards and upwards, striving for the best.”


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