On Site Gully Wet Waste Reception Facilities

Compliant Tipping

We supply compliant bespoke on-site road sweeper and gully waste reception facilities that deliver our clients the following benefits:

  • Waste Disposal Compliance
  • Material Recycling
  • Sustainability improvement
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Environmental protection
  • Waste disposal cost reduction
  • Revenue generation opportunity

Our processes can be supplied and used in component parts for bespoke application, delivering:

  • Immediate solid and waste water separation at the point of, or within close proximity, of wet waste cleansing extraction
  • Immediate suspended solid separation from liquid waste/sludge fraction delivering particle free grey water that can be compliently discharged on site to foul through discharge permit delivering a disposal cost of this fraction at pence per m3
  • Retention of solid mass for off site recycling

Our facilities require no construction, save for the site needing a bunded concrete platform. The plant components are mobile, self-contained and offer integrity in respect of contamination avoidance.

Our facilities are bespoke built and have capability to fit the smallest of sites.

Our processes can be purchased, leased, rented or even supplied at no capital cost in the event of waste you contracting with us to recycling your solid material.

Recycling your Waste

We are the UK’s largest Road Sweeper and Gully Waste processor and as such have capability to:

  • collect your waste using our dedicated  fleet of light weight arctics
  • deliver 100% landfill disposal avoidance
  • achieve up to 95% compliant Waste Date Flow recycling reporting
  • send you quarterly reports on post treatment material fraction break downs
  • return your aggregate and sand fraction with ‘end of waste’ certification for reuse delivering ‘closed loop’ recycling reporting

Waste Carriage 

As a licensed Waste Carrier  we understand and comply with all relevant legislation.

We provide free estimates without obligation. If you would like further information please contact us!

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