Road Sweeper Hire



We offer a 24 hour emergency and scheduled operated and self-drive services across the South East of England to Airports, Local Authorities, Highways Agency, Construction companies and the public.

Airport Airside Operations

We have specialist knowledge of working airside at airports offering our clients operational risk reduction. We are a  licensed airside operator and hold our own £50,000,000.00 airside liability insurance policy. Our drivers hold airside driving licenses and are therefore permitted to operate without escort.

Our Fleet

We operate modern Johnston VT651, VT801 and compact sweepers. All vehicles offer high pressure washing and gully extraction capability.

Sustainability Reporting  Benefits That We Deliver

  • Waste Disposal Regulatory Compliance
  • Sustainability improvement reporting through Material Recycling. We deliver 100% landfill avoidance with up to 95% WDF recycling reporting and Carbon footprint reduction delivery
  • Waste disposal cost reduction
  • Enhancement of street cleansing operation efficiency as our vehicles to spend more time on the road cleansing through avoidance of unnecessary disposal journeys

Recycling Your Waste

Our ISO 14001 Environmental Management and Sustainability policies drive our commitment to deliver 100% landfill waste disposal avoidance of all inert wet waste extracted during our cleansing and maintenance operations. This ability is delivered through processing all waste through our patented road sweeper and gully waste recycling facility , operated under an Environment Agency permit, that returns material fractions to either recycling or recovery application status.

Waste Carriage

As an Environment Agency licensed Waste Carrier  we understand and comply with the stringent laws surrounding European Waste Code identification prior to the removal and correct disposal of all Commercial and Residential hazardous and inert liquid wastes.

We provide free estimates without obligation. If you would like further information please contact us!

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