Mobile Sludge De-Watering and Waste Recycling


In line with our Environmental leadership focus, for which we received success at the prestigious National B.C.E. ‘Environmental Leadership’ Awards , our company has introduced a more cost effective and environmentally friendly liquid and sludge waste cleansing and disposal process that will enhance our clients own operations by ensuring that all underground chambers are properly emptied and cleansed during each visit thus ensuring their onsite processes are left with 100% operational capability at all times, whilst reducing their waste disposal costs dramatically.

We guarantee to process 100% of all waste from site during each visit but through our innovative on board chemical and mechanical processing capability we have ability to leave site with only your solid waste content on board our vehicle that should be circa no greater than 20%, and more like 10% if undertaken frequently, of your existing volume removed per visit.   Therefore, your disposal costs should be reduced by circa 80% to 90% per visit. Furthermore, each of our specialist vehicles has ability to process over 300,000 litres of liquid waste of up to 5% solid content before having to leave site for disposal which equates to 22 visits of a standard 3000 gallon jet vac tanker performing the same exercise which outside huge carbon footprint reduction saves considerable costs.

Therefore a summary of the key benefits of our process. Our vehicles have ability to:

  • extract the entirety of your interceptor waste content.
  • separate the liquid fraction from all solids (including suspended solids) while on site.
  • discharge the grey water back into the interceptor for onward foul discharge at pence per m3, or alternatively use the liquid for ancillary onsite cleansing of your gullies and drains, with the vehicle retaining all solids. that are then removed from site for discharge.
  • save circa 80% waste disposal costs per tonne per visit.
  • deliver cost and carbon emissions reduction and sustainability reporting opportunity.

Recycling your Waste

Our ISO 14001 Environmental Management and Sustainability policies drive our commitment to deliver 100% landfill waste disposal avoidance of all inert wet waste extracted during our cleansing and maintenance operations. This ability is delivered through processing all waste through our patented road sweeper and gully waste recycling facility , operated under an Environment Agency permit, that returns material fractions to either recycling or recovery application status.

Waste Carriage

As an Environment Agency licensed Waste Carrier  we understand and comply with the stringent laws surrounding European Waste Code identification prior to the removal and correct disposal of all Commercial and Residential hazardous and inert liquid wastes.

We provide free estimates without obligation. If you would like further information please contact us!

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