Lake, Pond and Ditch Cleaning


Why choose Sweeptech for Lake, Pond and Ditch Cleaning?

We offer specialist waste management support using innovative mobile de-watering equipment that allows us to clean silt and duckweed from ponds, lakes, rivers and ditches without the use of excavation machines (i.e. diggers). Our cutting edge processes not only deliver quicker and more environmentally efficient processes but also considerable cost savings to water cleansing and waste disposal.

Sweeptech’s Lake, Pond and Ditch Cleaning Sustainable Commitment

A quick illustration of our sustainable commitment. We completed a lake de-silting project for a wild life park required because its pond life was dying through silt contamination whereby we processed 1,100,000 litres of sludge waste water without our vehicle needing to leaving site, leaving the fish and wider pond habitat in good health. A competitor business that tendered against us would have delivered a much greater carbon footprint, and cost burden, through need of undertaking circa 65 movements to a waste disposal facility to complete the same exercise. This would have equated to an increase of 1,300 miles of HGV road movement.

Our process typically delivers a daily footprint reduction of 130 miles when used as above.

Our vehicles are fitted with tracking devices that enables our transport manager to ensure that our vehicles use the most economic routes and are driven at optimum speeds to ensure fuel efficiency.

Recycling Your Lake, Pond or Ditch Waste

Our ISO 14001 Environmental Management and Sustainability policies drive our commitment to deliver 100% landfill waste disposal avoidance of all inert wet waste extracted during our cleansing and maintenance operations. This ability is delivered through processing all waste through our patented road sweeper and gully waste recycling facility , operated under an Environment Agency permit, that returns material fractions to either recycling or recovery application status.

We provide free estimates without obligation. If you would like further information please contact us!

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