Sweeptech opens innovative Road Sweeper and Gully Wet Waste Recycling

Sweeptech opens innovative Road Sweeper and Gully Wet Waste Recycling and Waste Transfer Facility in Sussex delivering legal compliance and sustainability improvements to the disposal of Road Sweeper, Gully, Sludge and Aqueous liquid waste 

In accordance with our commitment to deliver environmental improvement we are pleased to announce that having received an EA Permit we have opened a Sussex based Road Sweeper, Gully and Sludge Wet Waste Recycling Waste Transfer Facility that delivers our clients, their stakeholders and our community the following benefits:

  • Waste disposal regulatory compliance;
  • Sustainability improvement (including ‘Waste Strategy’ 2000 landfill reduction reporting benefits);
  • Carbon footprint reduction;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Waste disposal cost reduction.

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Our facility has been designed to ease the burden created by:

  • ‘The Landfill Directive’, that recently banned ‘wet waste’ generated from street cleansing activity being disposed of at landfill;
  • The Environment Agency’s renewed enforcement focus on this waste stream as outlined in their recent fact sheet that stated that only 35 local authorities out of the 402 with whom they consulted confirmed compliance capability following enactment of the Landfill directive.


We are currently working on the delivery of similar facilities around Great Britain through both partnership with Local Authorities and our own initiatives.

Further information on our wet waste recycling process can be found by clicking here.

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