EA and AfOR Leaf Sweeping Compost Trials

EA and AfOR Leaf Sweeping Compost Trials

Sweeptech is pleased to announce that it has been appointed Agent to both Surrey County Council and the Western Riverside Waste Authority (waste disposal authority for the London Boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, Wandsworth and Lambeth) to conduct their independent Environment Agency/AfOR leaf waste composting trials.

The trials have been set up following the EA’s recent position statement that stated that compost produced from street sweepings and gully waste residues is not suitable for producing quality compost and are therefore likely to always remain a waste, meaning it cannot be spread on agricultural land or sold as compost. This statement has delivered immediate and extensive waste disposal burdens on every Council in the UK that results in them having no alternative but to landfill, which is clearly against everyone’s interest.

The trial has been opened to all Authorities throughout the UK.

More details on the trials, including entry application forms, can be found following this link:  E A and AfOR Street Sweeping Leaf Composting Trials

Further information on our road sweeping waste recycling capabilities can be found following this link:  Road Sweeper and Gully Waste Recycling Facility  

Post Trial Green waste            Post Trial Road Sweeping Leaf Litter 

green waste before composting                Road Swept Leaf before composting

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