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Featured Case Study with Rampion Offshore Wind

With this project we were able to break all of the waste collected back into British Standard certified aggregate that was then re-used by other highways clients in their projects. This means we were able to deliver 100% compliant recycling to the benefit of both our client, and the environment.

We will be able to highlight the methodology used in the Rampion project as a reference for potential future clients who are looking to adopt the most environmental and sustainable approach to their waste management.

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Sweeptech Environmental Services Ltd benefit from a Canning Modular Conveyor System


Sweeptech has had three new conveyor systems designed, fabricated, installed & fully commissioned at their Henfield, West Sussex HQ.

Sweeptech Joins Seligo.Pro

Sweeptech are pleased to announce that we have  joined the Seligo Pro application. This is because we recognise the importance of compliance, opportunity and forward thinking within the waste industry.

Seligo.Pro is a new application that aims to match EA registered Waste Disposers with Waste Processors across the UK.

The benefit for the Waste disposer is that they can find the nearest site to them for their particular EWC code and book their waste to tip at that site online. Payments are then made by credit card and are automatically pre-approved when the booking is created.

Visit Seligo.Pro’s site at the link below for further detail : www.seligo.pro

Sweeptech working in conjunction with GAL and the EA saving fish on the River Mole


On Friday 20th July 2018 Gatwick Airport called upon the emergency response department of Sweeptech in order to assist with an Incident that they were experiencing. The River Mole which runs along on the grounds of the Airport was suffering with a lack of oxygenated water. The lack of oxygen in the water was causing fish to die and therefore fresh water had to be bought in by Sweeptech’s tankers under Thames Waters permission. It was then pumped into the River by our experienced operations team. This whole operation was overseen by the Environment Agency and was a success which prevented any further fish from dying.




This was another excellent example of the Partnership working we do with Gatwick Airport and the Environment Agency. 

East Sussex Fire Authority (ESFA) Environmental Services Contract


ESFA, on behalf of East Sussex Fire and Rescue Services (ESFRS) awards Sweeptech with an exclusive long term Environmental Services service contract supporting its Estates Department. 

Sweeptech will be delivering a number of environmental services at their premises throughout East Sussex that include but are not limited to gutter and gulley clearing, asset surveying and maintenance and the emptying of waste water and other storage tanks, and their subsequent cleaning.

London City Airport Foreign Object Debris (“FOD”) Sweeping Contract


Sweeptech is delivering an exclusive planned preventative and remedial emergency service FOD prevention program for London City Airport that includes facility inspection and maintenance delivery to minimize FOD and its effects. FOD is any object that does not belong in or near airplanes and, as a result, can injure airport or airline personnel and seriously damage airplanes. The service is being delivered using road sweepers and specialist tankers.

Gatwick Airport Glycol Recovery Contract


Gatwick Airport awards Sweeptech exclusive long service contract recovering and disposing of the Glycol sprayed on aircraft before take-off. 

Sweeptech are using specially adapted road sweepers to maximise volume recovery.

Airports have requirements to de-ice planes when temperatures drop below 1oC before take-off to stop parts from freezing. The airport sprays aircraft with “Glycol”  which is a specialist de-icing liquid before take-off on aircraft stands and we then collect the liquid that falls on the stand / airside operating platform, as soon as the aircraft leaves the sand for departure, with objective to recover liquid before it runs off onto the surface drainage. Contracts are driven by environmental leadership and regulation.. Having collected the liquid we then tanker it to specialist disposal sites.

Gatwick is championing Environmental Leadership thinking within its operations.

Gatwick Airport Foul Wet Well Cleaning and Foul Network Jetting Cleaning and interceptor Maintenance Contract


Gatwick Airport awards Sweeptech exclusive long term planned preventative and remedial emergency service contract delivering us sole responsibility to look after the airports main underground sewers, pump stations, wet wells and interceptors. 

Service delivery is 24 hour 365 days of the year.

Contract processing include but no limited to:

  • Asset Jetting
  • Asset CCTV Surveying
  • Asset Surveying
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Liquid and Sludge Waste Extraction and disposal
  • Septic Waste Extraction and Disposal
  • Fat Waste Clearing and Disposal

Gatwick Airport Contracts with Sweeptech to deliver its Glycol Recovery Program

Gatwick Airport, having mandated itself to become the greenest airport in the world, is challenging every aspect of its processing to improve sustainability delivery and it is through this initiative that they have contracted with Sweeptech who will endeavour to deliver a robust recovery and onsite recycling program treating all monopropylene glycol that is sprayed on its client aircraft during the winter months to stop them freezing with a longer term goal of the waste material then being used within the wider business community of the airport.

Sweeptech Environmental Services becomes the UK’s Largest Road Sweeping and Gully Waste Recycling Processor

Our commitment to delivering 100% landfill avoidance with up to 95% compliant WDF recycling reporting opportunity has resulted in us contracting to process road sweeping and gully waste arising for over 30 Authorities, including the City of London, Highways Agencies and Heathrow, Gatwick and London City Airports and major construction PLCs.

Sweeptech achieves ‘End of Waste Status’ on Road Sweeping and Gully Waste post-processed fractions delivering enhanced WDF recycling reporting

We are pleased to report that the Environmental Agency has agreed that Sweeptech’s robust 75000 annual treatment processes and bespoke WRAP Aggregates Quality Protocol is compliant to enable the certification of post treated waste including sand and aggregates with ‘end of waste status’.

This has allowed us to enhance our clients’ sustainability reporting capability with both Waste Data Flow and also closed loop recycling with the communities they are operating through reuse of the material which is returned in Sweeptech movement during waste collection.

This has been a real challenge but we are delighted to have achieved it through continued Environmental Leadership focus.

WRAP Protocol amendment delivering recycling benefits to Road Sweeper Waste and Gully Waste processing.

Wrap has announced that the mineral fraction recovered by Mechanical and /or Biological Treatment (MBT) can now be used as feed stock for aggregate recycling, therefore allowing recovered material to be removed from the waste chain for the first time and achieve ‘End of Waste Status’.

The revised WRAP protocol states that End of Waste status will only be achieved if the treatment processes involves washing the input waste material with the design recovering the mineral as a ‘clean product free from organics’ and other contaminates. Therefore, simply screening the material without further treatment will not achieve the required separation.

This amendment plays very well to Sweeptech’s new 75,000 tonne per annum washing facility that breaks all input waste into fractions including sand, aggregate, plastics metals and organics.

Sweeptech Acquires New Waste Site to Recycle 75,000 tonnes of Road Sweeping and Gully Waste per annum

Sweeptech Acquires New Waste Site to Recycle 75,000 tonnes of Road Sweeping and Gully Waste per annum

Sweeptech has purchased a new site in Sussex which is in the process of commissioning a state of the art Road Sweeping and Gully waste recycling facility that is expected to return annual Waste Data Flow recycling reporting rates of up to 87% with 100% landfill avoidance delivery.

The facility is being delivered following exponential growth in client demand for EWC 20-03-03 waste recycling following the Environment Agencies increasing interest in what is in fact happening with this waste stream.

The 25 tonne per hour road sweepings and gully waste recycling system includes a full water treatment system. Following extensive material testing there were several new pieces of equipment developed including a bespoke material specific feed hopper arrangement, along with a RotoMax 60R high attrition system specifically designed to handle this heavily contaminated material.   Through this recycling process we can help our clients achieve enhanced recycling targets while also reducing their requirement for virgin aggregate and hopefully increases composting volumes.

Product to be extracted post processing includes:

Road Sweeper and Gully Waste Recycling

Road Sweeper and Gully Waste Recycling

Award of London Road Sweeper and Gully Waste Recycling Contract

Sweeptech wins Inner London Road Sweeper and Gully Wet Waste Recycling contract 

Through their ongoing commitment to introduce Sustainability improvement Cory Environmental has awarded Sweeptech its contract to recycle the Road Sweeper and Gully detritus of the ‘Western Riverside Waste Authority’. This contract delivers the exclusive recycling of  Road Sweeping and Gully waste of The City of London, Westminster City Council and the London Boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, Lambeth, Wandsworth and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Sweeptech will deliver 100% landfill disposal avoidance during this contract and is working towards delivering up to 87% Waste Data Flow recycling  reporting of this waste material.

Clients involved in this contract:

EA and AfOR Leaf Sweeping Compost Trials

EA and AfOR Leaf Sweeping Compost Trials
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Gatwick Airport Road Sweeper Waste Recycling Facility Supply

Airport Road Sweeper Waste Recycling Facility supply for Main Runway Rehabilitation Contract
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Environment Agency releases much needed guidelines on the legal treatment of Road Sweeping and Gully Waste

Environment Agency releases much needed guidelines on the legal treatment of Road Sweeping and Gully Waste.
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Sweeptech wins BCE Environmental Leadership Award

Sweeptech Environmental Services wins Major Commendation Award at the BCE Environmental Leadership Awards for Wet Waste Recycling

Founded by Sir Peter Parker in 1975, the Business Commitment to the Environment (BCE) Environmental Leadership Awards scheme is the longest running, and one of the most prestigious, environmental award schemes in the UK.

The Awards are given to companies that the judges recognise as meeting the commercial demands of the present, without compromising the environment for future generations, demonstration of corporate responsibility being an integral part of their organisation, they are innovative and are ahead of the competition.

Sweeptech Winners Photo-BCE

Sir Stuart Rose (right) presenting the award to Martin Smith, Chief Executive of Sweeptech Environmental Services.

Sir Stuart Rose said:

“I’ve been very impressed with the quality of this year’s BCE Award winners and commend them for their commitment to the environment, particularly in the face of such challenging economic conditions. They’ve really set the bar for other companies.

“I know from my own experiences at Marks & Spencer that businesses need to display qualities of leadership, innovation and excellence to succeed with sustainability initiatives. These demanding attributes are also required to win a prestigious BCE Award and all the winners deserve enormous credit.

“Businesses will need to show these qualities in spades to adapt in a rapidly changing world. We need to radically alter our business models to cope with a perfect storm of climate change, a growing global population and finite resources. The BCE Awards scheme has pioneered the recognition of companies taking the lead on environmental issues and the winners’ achievements are an inspiration to their peers.”

Said of Sweeptech when presenting the awards:

In 2007, the EU Landfill Directive banned all ‘sludge wet waste’ containing more than 10% liquid volume being disposed of at landfill, without receiving pre-treatment. As a result, Sweeptech’s staff recognised that producers and, therefore, owners of sludge wet waste did not have a compliant or environmentally safe waste-disposal remedy. Therefore, the business created and patented its road sweeper and gully wet waste recycling process.

The process is applicable to a wide range of organisations including waste companies, utility companies, construction companies, highways authorities, local authorities, airports and manufacturers. It provides the following benefits:

  • Regulatory compliance.

  • Material recycling.

  • Sustainability improvement (including ‘Waste Strategy 2000′ landfill reduction reporting benefits for local authorities).

  • Carbon footprint reduction.

  • Environmental protection.

  • Waste disposal cost reduction.

  • Revenue generation opportunity.

  • Delivers up to 95% reduction in waste volume to landfill.

  • Delivers about 95% waste material recycling capability.

  • Changes the Landfill Tax obligation for remaining 5% waste.

  • Reduces commercial transport movement.

  • Helps eradicate ‘leachate’ pollution to the water course.

  • Removes water hydrant licence costs.

  • Reduces water depletion from local reservoirs.

By using this facility in the last year, the business’s own street cleansing operation has reduced its landfill deposits by 18,000 tonnes and its commercial vehicle carbon footprint by over 100,000 miles.

To see the Sweeptech Environmental Services  video click here .

Sweeptech wins Innovation and Technology business award

Sweeptech wins  ‘INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY’ business award at the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards for its Road Sweeper and Gully Wet Waste Recycling Facility 

Innovation and Technology Awards

Sir Trevor McDonald presenting the award ceremony said of Sweeptech “ahead of their competition in the category” and “they have won for their pioneering processes that are leading the industry”.

As stated by the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards ‘The Award winners are those businesses or people who have shown innovation and inspiration in their work, and have demonstrated a real commitment to this fast-developing sub-regions. The Gatwick Diamond is one of the key economic regions in the South East and is set to become a world-class business destination.’

Sweeptech opens innovative Road Sweeper and Gully Wet Waste Recycling

Sweeptech opens innovative Road Sweeper and Gully Wet Waste Recycling and Waste Transfer Facility in Sussex delivering legal compliance and sustainability improvements to the disposal of Road Sweeper, Gully, Sludge and Aqueous liquid waste 

In accordance with our commitment to deliver environmental improvement we are pleased to announce that having received an EA Permit we have opened a Sussex based Road Sweeper, Gully and Sludge Wet Waste Recycling Waste Transfer Facility that delivers our clients, their stakeholders and our community the following benefits:

  • Waste disposal regulatory compliance;
  • Sustainability improvement (including ‘Waste Strategy’ 2000 landfill reduction reporting benefits);
  • Carbon footprint reduction;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Waste disposal cost reduction.

xfs_400x200_s80_SES Yard 014

Our facility has been designed to ease the burden created by:

  • ‘The Landfill Directive’, that recently banned ‘wet waste’ generated from street cleansing activity being disposed of at landfill;
  • The Environment Agency’s renewed enforcement focus on this waste stream as outlined in their recent fact sheet that stated that only 35 local authorities out of the 402 with whom they consulted confirmed compliance capability following enactment of the Landfill directive.


We are currently working on the delivery of similar facilities around Great Britain through both partnership with Local Authorities and our own initiatives.

Further information on our wet waste recycling process can be found by clicking here.